Donations / Wishlist

There are many ways to support me!

Donate Money

I rely on donations to keep doing my work on YouTube and paying the rent for my little lab. Every little bit is appreciated and helps a lot.

I have a Patreon page where you can donate monthly and get some bonus material and extra videos in return.

Become a Patron

I activated YouTube channel memberships, too. You get the exact same perks and bonus materials the Patreon supporters get. Click here to become a channel member!

Buy me a coffee on!

If you want to donate via PayPal (single or monthly donation), you can do so, too: or use the email address

Amazon Affiliate Links

Another way to support me (without having to spend any more money than you normally would) is to use my Amazon affiliate links.

If you buy stuff on Amazon anyway, you can use the below links to get to your country’s Amazon site and I will get a small share of what you pay there. You can buy whatever you like and use this link as your regular Amazon link if you want to. YOU DON’T PAY ANYTHING EXTRA. I consider this an okay (and easy) way to give me some support.


Subscribe on Twitch

Consider becoming a subscriber to my Twitch channel if you enjoy watching me play old games on real vintage hardware. I usually stream on Thursday evenings.

Also, if you have Amazon Prime, you can subscribe to a Twitch channel of your choice for free. No extra cost for you while the streamer gets the same amount as for a regular subscription. You have to renew the subscription every month though.

Buy Beta Merch

I have opened a little print on demand merchandise store on Spring. I earn around 5$ from every T-Shirt purchase. I frequently add new designs, too.

Donate Hardware / Wishlist

Hardware donations are very much appreciated. I only have very little room though so I’d like to ask you to get in contact with me first before sending me stuff. Here’s a list of things I currently am looking to get. If you are willing to donate one (or more!) of the items below, please get in touch! If you have anything else that you think I might find interesting, let me know, too!

  • Broken Commodores of all flavors, especially C64s
  • A SatanDisk/UltraSatan for my Atari Mega ST
  • An Amiga 3000 (condition does not matter at all!)
  • Always looking for spare ICs/small parts for all vintage systems