Frequently Asked Questions (and, yes, answers!)

Q: Will you fix my [insert name of device] for me? I’ll pay/you can make a video/etc.
A: Short answer: no. I don’t have the time and expertise (nor insurance) to be allowed to do so. Doesn’t help that the laws are really strict here in Germany regarding electronics. I do sometimes fix stuff for close friends but if I don’t know you personally, then I won’t do it. No exceptions. Sorry.

Q: Will you do sponsored content for my awesome company that doesn’t have anything to do with your videos, vintage computers or electronics tinkering?
A: No, I won’t. I don’t advertise things that don’t have anything to do with the content of my channel and/or that I don’t consider useful or fun for my viewers, regardless of what you are willing to pay. If in doubt, email me.

Q: When is the next part of [insert video name] coming? I’ve been waiting for it. It’s been months!
A: I’m really sorry about my messy scheduling, but that’s the way I work. I often start something, get distracted, do something completely different, do another thing, give up etc. I mostly DO get back to stuff eventually but I have to feel like it, otherwise it would feel like cheating.

Q: I have a YouTube channel / Blog / Zine / etc etc. Are you willing to do a collaboration?
A: Most likely yes. I’d love working together and getting to know you, especially if you are from the retro scene.

Q: Will you help me with a repair I’m doing myself, answer questions and help me troubleshooting?
A: Yes, if I can. I’m just a hobbyist myself so my knowledge is limited but I have some experience so I might have some tips. Feel free to contact me.

Q: I made an awesome new device that does not have anything to do with retro computers / vintage audio / your channel! Will you do a (paid/unpaid) review of it?
A: No, I won’t. The channel is pretty much focused on old computers and sometimes Hifi.

Q: I made an awesome new device that connects to an old computer or mimics one! Will you do a review of it?
A: Most likely yes! I won’t do paid reviews but I’d gladly do an unbiased honest review of your device if you send it to me. Be aware that I might not be liking it and telling people so though.

Q: Do you have a use for [insert thing]? I had it laying around here for ages and am no longer using it. I wondered if you wanted it?
A: If it has something to do with my channel content, feel free to contact me. There’s a list of things I am looking for on the donations page.